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How We Will Use Your Information

Direct Mail Processing, LLC is an intermediary between companies that market products and services to the public and mail processing facilities.

  • We do not keep any consumer data on file in-house
  • We only have access to information that you voluntarily give us to route your complaint to the correct organization or opt you out of future mailings
  • We will not rent or sell your information to anyone
  • Your information will not be used to market to you in any way

If you submit a complaint, your contact information is used for the sole purpose of routing your complaint to the appropriate organization.

If you do not wish to submit your contact information, we can also route your complaint with the 9 digit opt-out code or 13 digit scan code located on your mailer.  Where do I find my mailer card codes?

If you opt-out of future mailings, your contact information will be used to add your name to a global “Do Not Contact” list. This “Do Not Contact” list is used for the sole purpose of suppressing your name from any mailing lists used by organizations associated with Direct Mail Processing, LLC in order to prevent you from receiving future mailers.

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For information on how to opt-out of marketing materials not processed by Direct Mail Processing, LLC, please see our Resources page.